Waist Apron lady with pocket Canvas, 60×35, 002 beige

3,30 (without VAT)

Our apron is made of 100 % cotton, it is highly durable. With adjustable straps around the waist, these aprons are perfect for everyone, especially for people who love to spend time in the kitchen and the ones who work in restaurants. But let’s not forget other messy activities like cleaning, painting and being creative in other ways… These aprons are a really sweet promotional gift. Use embroidery to personalise this product or check out our printed aprons to apply a unique design.


60 cm


35 cm


44 g

Material: canvas 210 gsm, 100 % cotton
60pcs / box

60 in stock

Additional information

Weight 16,67 g
Dimensions 60 × 35 cm



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